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Adventures of Ulysses, Apollonio di Giovanni, 1460
Adventures of Ulysses, Apollonio di Giovanni, 1460

This site is organized by grade content and offers historical background, apps to enhance a lesson, suggested further readings, and activity ideas for your English classes.

Our purpose is to share knowledge and ideas about improving the art of teaching English and engaging students with exciting, fresh material.

Scene from Tale of Genji
Scene from Tale of Genji

This site practices digital citizenship and while this is a place to contribute to and borrow from, we ask that you attribute appropriately and that added resources are approved for sharing in the copyright information.

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Key to the Symbols throughout the Wiki:

Potential_rotating_charge.gif Look out for this symbol on many of the pages! It signifies a link to our sister wiki, resourcesforhistoryteachers. The link will take you to an information collage, filled with further history-related resources.

external image 128px-Footprints_of_the_Buddha_%282nd_century%2C_Yale_University_Art_Gallery%29.jpg The ancient footprints thumbnail signals a primary source document.

external image 64px-Books-aj.svg_aj_ashton_01.svg.png The books symbol means that there is a book recommendation to extend the lesson or unit.

external image 120px-Musical_notes.svg.pngThe musical notes stand for a song that may accompany a novel or music that characterizes an era in time.

Image attributed to Nicolas Mollet and Matthias Stasiak
Image attributed to Nicolas Mollet and Matthias Stasiak
The take-out food box signals lessons plans that are ready to be used immediately (aside from any extra prep of materials offered) or sites that offer lesson plans. The word document lesson plans will also include Common Core standards that apply.

by Felipe Micaroni Lalli
by Felipe Micaroni Lalli
The boy playing soccer symbolizes activities that could be used with the topic

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 11.47.54 AM.pngWhen this icon appears, I have recommended apps to improve the lesson

external image lossy-page1-465px-Is_There_An_Idea_Under_Your_Hat%5E_-_NARA_-_534145.tif.jpg Is there an idea under your hat? If so, share it! This symbol means that teachers should consider raising the following topics for class discussion.