Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.31.08 AM.pngThis page includes links to information about standards, books to consider incorporating into your curriculum, creative writing prompts, etc.

A Celebration of Women Writers, University of Pennsylvania

10 Ways to Use The New York Times for Teaching Literature
  • These strategies include Text to Text that matches excerpts from often-taught literary texts with Times articles and multimedia that echo or extend the themes or ideas. Each includes links to graphic organizers that can be used for close reading and comparing texts

Better Lesson is a site made by teachers for teachers! If you are stuck for a lesson plan, try this site. It has ready to go plans that can be searched by topic, grade, or standard. As of this point, it only has Math and English plans

Teaching with iPads in the classroom

Poll Everywhere allows the user to make live polls which may come in the form of multiple choice or open response that everyone in class can respond to using the website, text message, or even via twitter. It acts as a live message board.

The New York times has a blog called the Learning Network which is filled with teacher resources for planning lessons that use NY times articles--current and historic archived pieces. This is especially rich with Gatsby plans as well as for introducing time periods in which a novel was set.

This website allows collaborative creation of story boards, maps, and presentations. It is similar to an online bulletin board.
See my padlet example here

Lesson Planning ideas

A compiled list of resources for English teachers to use by PBS